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At the 74th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in 2003, the church adopted Resolution B008 calling for the “Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse,” and the House of Bishops issued a Pastoral Letter in support of adopting safeguarding policies and implementing training procedures and criminal sexual background checks for all dioceses and congregations of the Episcopal Church. The church partnered with the Church Pension Group in developing policies and training and is attempting to change our culture to better insure the safety of our members, especially the youngest and most vulnerable.

Following the intent of Resolution B008, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas is committed to ensuring that its churches, schools, and institutions live out our Baptismal promises by providing an environment free of abuse, exploitation, and harassment. Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia is committed in joining the Diocese of Texas to ensure the safety of our members. Through the ministries of Safe Church, the Diocese of Texas and Christ Episcopal Church provide resources to ensure that every person’s dignity is respected and protected.

The Safe Church program consists of two programs. Safeguarding God's Children (SGC) trains leaders in the prevention of sexual abuse to children and youth. Safeguarding God's People - Exploitation (SGP-E) trains leaders in proper ways of providing a healthy, safe, and nurturing environment wherein, by God’s grace, the full work of the Church can be carried out. Everyone who is in a leadership position at Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia has been fully trained or is in the process of being trained in one or both of the sections of the Safe Church program. In agreement with the National church guidelines, the following people are required to be certified in the Safeguarding God's Children or the Safeguarding God's People program: Group of children

Richard acts as the Safe Church coordinator for Christ Episcopal Church, Mexia. You may email him at if you have any questions about certification. For more information regarding Safeguarding programs in the Diocese, please contact the Safe Church Minister for the Diocese, The Rev. Canon Lisa Burns.. You may read or review the latest Safe Church Policies for the Diocese of Texas here.

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